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Buy high quality wav files from the Bush Archive!

Here you can buy full quality samples from the George W. Bush Public Domain Audio Archive.$99.99 for the entire archive, all linear recordings and all named phrases, over 15,000 samples, absolutely everything we have, at the highest quality. The best way to use the Bush archive is to get the whole collection ($99.99), and put it into one folder, while preserving the original folder structure. This makes the whole database easily searchable and allows you to look at samples by individual folder/speech. When you purchase the high quality wav files you will get the benefit of being able to arrange them in chronological order. With the mp3 files in the free database, you can only arrange the named phrase samples in alphbetical order, because the mp3 conversion was alphabetical. If you buy the original wav files, you can arrange by "modified by" in windows and you will have the samples in exactly the order they were originally spoken. This lets you look at a folder of samples and literally read the speech by looking at the sample names. If you are attempting serious parody sample manipulation, this is strongly recommended.

2004... What are you waiting for??

All samples are 16bit, 44k, monophonic .wav files, ready to load into your sequencer or sampler. If you order the entire collection, it comes on 3 PC-compatible DVDs, and includes hundreds of additional flawlessly edited "altered" statements (including the edits in Fuzzy Math), which are not in the free version of the database. Also, the DVD set includes hundreds of "yelled" phrases organized in a separate folder, perfect for quickly finding that over-the-top chorus kicker. With the entire archive DVD collection, you have an incredibly flexible tool for using and manipulating the instantly recognizable voice of George W. Bush, arguably the most powerful man on earth.

Buy an individual speech on CD-ROM(these are listed in the same order as on the archive main page). If the price is $7.99, both the linear recording and the individual named phrases are available. If the price is $5.99, then one or the other is missing. (You can check the Bush archive main page to see which one is available).

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