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The Bots created a database of 15,000 keyword searchable audio samples of the voice of George W Bush, which we used to create the parody song Fuzzy Math. We've been encouraging people to download the free samples and create their own parody mixes using the President's voice. Now, on this page, you can link to artists all over the world who have made their own parody songs using the voice of George W Bush. Scroll down this page and you'll see links to 50 different mixes!

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You can download these songs for free. We suggest making an audio cd from your favorites. Play it for your friends or try some new forms of political action. Imagine the boomboxes of Circuit City and Best Buy pounding out the real voice of Dubya, rapping and mocking himself.

Note the songs are in order of most recent to oldest. The most recently received song will always be at the top of the list. When you vote make sure to match the number of the mix, since the order of the list is reversed.

15 Sep 2004. The Bush Raps (Re)Mix Contest has concluded. Comments and winners listed here
06 Oct 2004. Buy a CD!! 21 Bush parody songs! unbelievable! Buy it here.
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Here are the latest Bush parody mp3s:

Buy a CD!! 21 Bush parody songs!
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061)Radical Beetz,Compassionate Fascism

060)William Botin,BushKerry

059)Frenz,The Mistake

058)Frenz,Iraqi Oil Production

057)Namaste, Mixed Messages

056)The Party Party,imagine...walk on the wild side

055) MC Quake,The New Bushisms

054) Michael R. Anderson,The True Confessions of George W. Bush

053) Hens Zimmerman,Death of Democracy

052) Matt Berube,Fortunate Son

051) Chenard Walcker,Ground Zero

050) Howard Amb & The Aborted,With You At My Side

049)The Party Party,Sunday Bloody Sunday

048)Orri, Slice O' Heaven

047)The Lorin Swelk Orchestra, Party Tonight

046)Celso Solano, George W. Bush Can Destroy You

045)The Dummydown Players with Spike Jones, Der Bush

044)Celso Solano, Recycled Stuff

043)Internal, Bush Don't Quit

042)Celso Solano, The Cause Is Drugs

041)Figure Formation, GW Bush Diss

040)Chelfyn, The Evil Plans of George W Bush III

039)Charltones, We All Want Peace

038)Namaste, Orange Plus 1.0

037)Frenz, The People's Voice

036)James Hopkinson, The Tactics of Potholes

035)Majestic Vibe, Beautiful Disaster

034)Drumaddikt, Kick In The Bush

033)dj concrete, Gabber2

032)dj concrete, Terrible Sadness

031)dj concrete, Bring Them To Justice

030)Broken Snowman, Hundreds Of Pounds

029)The Pole Project, The Devil You Know

028)Edward Flynn, One Terrible Pilot (scroll down to find this song)

027)MC Articulate, It Didn't Happen

026)MC Articulate, wwwBush

025)Ledit Renart, Tribus

024)Cody Braun, Oval Office Shuffle

023)Phosphoros, Politics Of Fear

022)Lthrboots, Fudge The Numbers

021)Steve May, Yabba Dubya Doo

020)Frenz,Bush Goes Arabic(scroll down to find this song)

019)Frenz,Tax Cuts(scroll down to find this song)

018)Dr. Laniac, Abu Garum

017)Pine, Peace March

016)Brian Nowhere, GBMD

015)Frenz,Nine Eleven(scroll down to find this song)

014)Frenz,The Plan(scroll down to find this song)

013)Whathaveya.com,Botulinum Toxin

012)Whathaveya.com,Rape And Torture

011)Frenz,Don't Mess With Bush(scroll down to find this song)

010)Dubya and the Propaganda Machine,1441

009)The Party Party,Dick Is A Killer

008)Frenz,Fart Song(scroll down to find this song)

007)Frenz,Bush's Prayer(scroll down to find this song)

006)Frenz,Keep The Peace(scroll down to find this song)

005)Frenz,Everybody Loves Ya(scroll down to find this song)

004)DrMad's Trio, COMMONSENSE

003)Frenz, Party Tonight(scroll down to find this song)

002)Frenz, More Money(scroll down to find this song)

001) Peter Baldwin, Dancing Man Flash Animation

000) The Bots, Fuzzy Math(not eligible for prizes)

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